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Make Online Payments & Save with Bill Pay

You can schedule or make a one-time payment to the telephone company, baby-sitter, or your favorite florist from any computer, using Bill Pay.

No need to buy stamps and envelopes to make an online payment. Think about how many bills you mail in a month. It could mean a savings of $30, $40, $50 or more a year.


Actually, Bill Pay saves time too. Once you've entered a payee into Bill Pay, it's saved for future payments. With use, you can submit multiple payments with a single click.


Bill Pay for Businesses
Now, Pioneer Bank offers Bill Pay for businesses at a low monthly fee of $5.95. If you have more than 10 items from statement date to statement date, a $0.40 per item fee will also apply.

Concerned about access control for employees using Bill Pay? We highly recommend our Cash Management service and tool for businesses to make payments online, especially when you have more than one employee managing your cash flow.

Creating Online Payments
Two online payment methods are available from Bill Pay - electronic and check. If a payee is listed on the Bill Pay database, it's eligible for electronic payments. Other payees are paid by check - printed and mailed, on your behalf.

Scheduling and Monitoring Payments
With Bill Pay, you can make a one-time payment or schedule payments with varying amounts. If you're wondering about a previous payment, view your last 18 months of payments in History.

Begin Bill Pay and start saving money!
View our demo for personal accounts or the demo for business accounts.

Signing up for Online Banking

It's easy. Bring your driver's license to any Pioneer Bank and sign up. If you'd like to read or print our Terms & Conditions (Agreement Forms) online, choose between these two links:

- Terms & Conditions/Agreement Forms for Consumers (PDF, 347 KB)
Terms & Conditions/Agreement Forms for Businesses (PDF, 324 KB)

After activation, you'll be able to select the "Sign On" button from our Online Banking web page to view all your Pioneer Bank accounts online.

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